Greg Arnove is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the Texas Board Of Legal Specialization & The American Board Of Certification. 


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  • Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You Determine If Filing Is Right for You
    Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You Determine If Filing Is Right for You

    If you have lost a primary source of income or become overwhelmed by debts and basic living expenses, consulting bankruptcy attorneys can help. Filing bankruptcy can be challenging and confusing since most people do not understand the process. An attorney can help you decide if filing for bankruptcy is the Read more →

  • Should I File for Divorce or Bankruptcy?
    Should I File for Divorce or Bankruptcy?

    Money is easily one of the biggest causes for divorce as finances can make or break a marriage. It should not be surprising that divorce and bankruptcy are often connected. One either precedes the other or shortly follows. Many couples wonder if they should wait to file for bankruptcy together Read more →

  • If I Am Facing Bankruptcy, Will I Need To See A Judge?

    The term Bankruptcy Court does not always mean what it does in the traditional sense of Court. Like any other legal proceedings, a Judge does oversee the bankruptcy process. However, the debtor will not need to appear before a Judge. The bankruptcy attorney may need to appear before the judge Read more →

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Over the years we seem to encounter a lot of similar questions from our clients.  Below is a list of articles that might address common concerns or questions that you may have.  Of course, we will go over any questions you have as we work through process.

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