Life After Bankruptcy


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A Partner After Your Bankruptcy 

You have invested time, money, and gone through a lot of emotional distress in going through the Bankruptcy Process and obtaining your discharge.  Your credit has been damaged already and you want to take the steps to make sure that you can rebuild.  However, what happens if something goes wrong after your Bankruptcy is over and you have a creditor who is not following the rules?  Contact your attorney right?  Here is the deal, most  attorneys will not deal with post bankruptcy collection or creditor issues after your case is over.  It is simply too time consuming.  In fact, there is likely a provision in their contract expressly excluding this type of service.

How We Are Different

At Collins & Arnove we have partnered with another law firm who will monitor your credit after your Bankruptcy to ensure that all creditors are abiding by the law in reporting your Bankruptcy correctly.  THIS SERVICE IS FREE.

If they find something they will litigate with the offending creditor.  They will get it corrected for you and in many cases put a little bit of extra money in your pocket.  Many clients have even gotten their entire Bankruptcy paid for through this process.

In addition, they will investigate and handle any creditors who are contacting you after your case is filed, but before it is discharged.   This is called an Automatic Stay Violation (read more about the automatic stay here)

When you sign up with our firm, we will have you sign the necessary paperwork for this process to occur automatically after your Bankruptcy. 

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