Who To Hire Checklist

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Were you able to speak to an attorney before you came into your initial consultation?
Did you meet with an attorney on your initial consultation?
Did your attorney offer a money back guarantee? (For A Chapter 7  Bankruptcy Case)
Did you get a direct e-mail address, office number, and cell phone number to the Attorney who would be working on your case?
Did your attorney give you an estimate of your repayment plan amount BEFORE you filed the case(For A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case)
Is an attorney with the firm Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy?
Is an attorney with the firm a former employee of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee? 
Does your attorney offer to monitor your credit after you file to ensure your Bankruptcy is being reported correctly?
Did the Law Firm have a solid reputation from testimonials and reviews from previous clients? 
Did your Attorney or Law Firm allow you to meet with them as often as necessary to before signing up?


Why Hire Us Checklist  (In printable PDF format)

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