Bankruptcy Process

We believe in setting proper expectations for our clients.  Below you will find the general process that our office uses in representing you in your Bankruptcy.

Step 1: Make an initial consultation 

The consultation lets us give you your options, explain the process, answer questions, start the information gathering process, and give you pricing and contract information.

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Step 2: Information Gathering

Bankruptcy is about 50 to 60 pages worth of paperwork called a petition, schedules, and statement of financial affairs.  No one likes packets — but you’ll need to fill one out to help us get the information you need.  We’ll also need you to provide us some documentation (mainly about your income).  If your ambitious, you can start on the Client Intake Form Website

Step 3:  Preparation of your Bankruptcy Documents

After we get your paperwork and information we will prepare your documents.  This will generally take a week or so ( but we can move as fast as a day in an emergency situation).  We will call you or e-mail you as we work through your case if we have any questions.   

Step 4:  Approval and Signatures

All cases are filed electronically.  However, the original documents must be signed.  We will e-mail your paperwork for review..  We will then set up a time to go over them in person and have you sign off on them.   

Step 5:  Meeting of Creditors

After filing, the Court will set a meeting of creditors (aka 341 meeting).  You will have to attend this meeting.  Our office will provide you with all the information to set your expectations for this meeting and make you feel comfortable.   Most meetings are standard and won’t require an additional meeting with us before the Meeting of Creditors. 

Step 6:  After Your 341 Meeting

We will let you know if there is any follow up from the 341 meeting.

Most Chapter 7 cases require very little, if any, follow up.

Most Chapter 13 cases will require additional follow up.  We most likely will need to make some small paperwork changes and/or get some additional documentation from you.  Sometimes this will require an additional meeting with us and sometimes it will not.

Step 7:  Discharge and/or Confirmation

About 60 days after your Chapter 7 Meeting of Creditors your case will be discharged by the Court.  This is the goal of the Chapter 7.

About 35 to 60 days after your Chapter 13 Meeting of Creditors your case will most likely be confirmed.  Confirmation is the first goal of Chapter 13.   After confirmation you will need to keep us updated with any changes in your situation.  There can also be changes that will we need to make after confirmation.  Our office will keep you updated as we move through the post-confirmation process.

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